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David Sykes Electrical will:

  • comply with relevant environmental legislation, notably the ‘duty of care’ for waste disposal and the ‘special waste’ regulations;
  • seek to establish, before arriving on site, if the client has any specific environmental requirements, for example; for the control of pollution or the recovery of materials;
  • promote policies and educate staff to ensure the wastage of materials is kept to a minimum;
  • continually seek to increase the reuse or recycling of the materials used in our operations, where this is financially practical for our business;
  • maintain company vehicles to ensure that fuel consumption is kept to a minimum and emissions are controlled;
  • advise all company drivers about the need for fuel-efficient driving and diesel consumption;
  • to further help reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions, we will advise our clients about options for using energy efficient equipment and fittings, where installation is technically possible;
  • seek to continually improve the operation of our environmental management system;
  • promote a purchasing policy that gives preference to suppliers, and service providers that operate in a responsible manner in respect of environmental issues;
  • dispose of waste in accordance with the specific instructions highlighted within the company’s environmental policy;
  • review our environmental policy on an annual basis and when any new legislation requires changes to be made to our environmental management systems.

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The Maltings, Whitley Bridge, Yorkshire DN14 0HH
Tel: 01977 661351
Fax: 01977 662523
Email: enquiries@sykeselectrical.co.uk

Registered office: David Sykes Electrical, The Maltings, Whitley Bridge, Yorkshire DN14 0HH
Registered no. 1270395 VAT registered no. 182784333
David Sykes Electrical is the trading name of David Sykes (Whitley Bridge) Ltd

Electrical Contractors' Association Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting Construction-on-Line CHAS Accredited Contractor SM & MS Contractor Plus, Approved Contractor